City Action recognises that everyone has a contribution to make to our society and a right to equal treatment. City Action is here to promote volunteering and community action to businesses and their
employees within the City.

We do not discriminate against volunteers or organisations on any grounds e.g. race, social class, sexuality, age, material status, caring responsibilities, political belief, religion, employment status,
disability and those who have lived in institutions or been convicted of offences (unless applying to volunteer with vulnerable people).

Furthermore, we aim to accommodate the needs of all volunteers, e.g. providing accessible volunteering opportunities and offering communication material in a variety of formats.

As the City Action programme is operated by the City of London Corporation we abide by the following: Service Delivery Equality Statement: The City of London provides a unique and diverse range of services to the residents, businesses, workers and visitors in the City of London and beyond.  We are committed to being proactive in providing services fairly to all our potential service users.  Promoting equal opportunity for all is one of our core values. Our policy is to treat all service users and anyone else we come into contact with, equally and with dignity and respect. We will ensure that we do not unlawfully or unjustifiably discriminate on any grounds. City Action also adheres to the City of London Corporation Single Equality Scheme (2010 – 2013).

Read the City of London Corporation’s full Equality and Diversity statement.